Sidney's Ragtime band on steroids. More speed, more fun.
New version for all your over the top adrenaline rush moments in life.
Try not to break anything dancing to this and check your surroundings.

The Doop meisters are back with “Tequila”, a spicy mixture of a TB303 baseline robot and a Mexican ragtime brassband.
Catchy Doopy stuff!
Take Tequila straight with lemon and a grain of salt!

Available on all major download and streaming portals.

Doop - Doop was a big hit all over the world. The single was 3 weeks no.1 in the UK and Doop did a Top of the Pops performance 3 times.

Single version from the track "My Chihuahua" from "the doop eepee"
My Chihuahua was never released as a single until now. 
Always fun to design a cover with a dog! 


In the nineties doop shook the world with their charleston house track "doop".
Doop was no 1 in the UK for 3 weeks and they received a gold disc for the album "circus doop" in Japan.
After all these years the love for the sound of Doop is still here.
Now Doop is back with a brand new E.P. titled "The doop eepee".

"Ridin" was the follow-up single of the debut album "Circus Doop" from "Doop". It was a parody on easy listening music from the sevenyties. Ridin contains Elvis style crooner vocals and was accompanied by a video directed by Grandmaster Camp Pieter Kramer (Theo & Thea, Kreatief met Kurk)  

Doop reached the top of the charts worldwide with the track "doop" in the nineties. Doop was 3 weeks no. 1 in the UK and was a top 10 hit in most countries around the world. The album "Circus Doop" turned gold in Japan.

Doop is known for a wild eclectic mix of styles. They like to combine music from the past with electronic music.

Their debut album contains the hits "doop", "Huckleberry Jam" and "Wan Too".

The single Ridin was added on the digital releases.